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Voice Enabled Solutions
   Text to Speech Technology
   Text to Speech for Windows
   Text to Speech for Mac OS X
   Text to Speech for iPhone
   Text to Speech for Pocket PC
   Text to Speech for Smartphone
   Text to Speech for Linux
   Document to Speech
   AT&T Natural Voices™
   Cepstral Voices
   Voice Demos
   Web Page to Speech
   Text to Audio File
   Special Features

Software Developer Solutions
   Text to Speech SDK (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
   Text to Speech SDK for Windows Mobile

Surveillance Solutions
   Keyboard Logging for Windows
   Keylogger for Windows
   Keylogger for Mac
   Internet Usage Monitoring
   IM/Chat Monitoring
   File Logging
   Program Usage Logging
   Clipboard Logging
   Special Features
   Remote Monitoring

Various Desktop Solutions
   Document Web Search

All Products
   Text to Speech for Windows
   Text to Speech for Mac OS X
   Text to Speech for iPhone
   Text to Speech for Pocket PC
   Text to Speech for Smartphone
   Text to Speech for Linux
   Text to Speech SDK (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
   Text to Speech SDK for Windows Mobile
   Secret Surveillance Products
   Document Web Search Products


Digital Future Company
   Customer Successes


Digital Future
an advanced technology company

Digital Future software company implements advanced software systems in the spheres of computer human voice synthesis, employee management and document search technology.

The company has created long-term partnerships with AT&T (R) and NeoSpeech, utilizing their voice technologies, AT&T Natural Voices™ and NeoSpeech VoiceText™ voices. Thus, these world-class technologies have been further advanced and broadened by Digital Future.

Future projects will further tighten the link between Digital Future and other cutting-edge technological partners.

"This is the most functional TTS software! It has awesome support and great features!"
Peter Wollsworth, Herefortshire, UK

"I was very skeptical at first but TextSpeech Pro really rocks! It can be used with Elan and AT&T Natural voices and if you add all the robust functions you realize that a text-to-speech can't get any better!"
Jeremy Stalsky, Chicago, IL, USA

"We used TextSpeech Pro with our program to help visually impaired children and will definately use it for future projects. It really opened a whole new horizon for us."
Jackie Stan, Denver, CO, USA

"I evaluated many products of that kind but I must say TextSpeech Pro is the best of them all - as far as quality, functionality and price."
Joseph Sygourny, New York, NY, USA

"I don't know if you would like any more testimonials, but I really wanted to say thank you and thought this might be a good way to do so:
In my very first support submission to TextSpeechPro, I was immediately treated with prompt, courteous respect by TSP. They solved my problem quickly, and really went the extra mile for me. I feel that not only did I purchase a solid product, but I also received a truly exceptional level of service with it. Thank you very much.
P.S. I also installed AT&T Crystal, and she really puts the software over the top. ;)"
Chris Harden, Tampa, FL, USA

"P.C. Police is definitely the most effective and cheapest product available in its class."
John Pallotti, Strategic Developer, Atlanta, GA

"All I want to say is thank you, guys! Your software really works and it actually is a big eye-opener!"
Sonya Morris, P.C. Police Customer, Cleveland, MO

"P.C. Police saved us a lot of money in equipment cost and as an internal fraud detection software."
Jeffrey Carpenter, Executive Vice-President, New York, NY

"I definitely recommend P.C. Police to every household. It's a must-have in the current technology era. It really helped me as a father. It will probably help you."
Steven Fall, P.C. Police customer, Oakland, CA

"Thanks to my friend Rich for letting me know about this website! Your P.C. Police helped me improve my relationship with my girlfriend when I found out about her worries and fears."
Jerry Byrd, P.C. Police Customer, Biloxi, MS

"Thank you ... for being so incredibly helpful with the network installation. I will tell my associates and let them know how great I was treated by your support team. You are a breath of fresh air in today's working environment. Thank you once more. "
Don B., P.C. Police Customer, Gresham, OR

"Thanks again for your help you guys have great Tech support..."
Zach H., P.C. Police Customer, Hendersonville, NC

"WOW! You guys have the best software of that kind and you are giving it out for almost nothing!"
Peter Jordan, Chicago, IL

"Media Search is absolutely phenomenal! It's worth every penny - it saved me months of work!"
Sarah Philips, San Diego, CA

"Media Search saved us a lot of money by integrating it into our company document retrieval system. We'd never seen something like this before."
George Presiewski, Miami, FL

"The "KAZA" of web search!"
Pierre Fermet, Lion, France

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